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Go from 3000 meters Gao Kong Kan's bottom, can see original one darkly of Norfolk naval base continuously the Zhan open the flower of flame and schedule to of the attack target be one by one polished off.Suddenly, the naval base astounding big explosion happens and originally build the powder magazine of underground is set off, numerous weapon ammunitions beginning Xun explodes, this Xun explodes of the power is very huge, it results in of the impact wave wreak havoc all directions, give rice soldier the naval base resulted in destructive injury.
Immediately after the rice soldier builds of the fuel database be also emblazed by the bomb, several 1,000,000 ton the high-quality fuel splash and start flaming combustion and hurtle wildfire in the sky to order the whole Norfolk the sky bright the daytime is general.Shine in glory in the light of fire under, can see numerous rice countries navy's soldier is fleeing ignominiously, however don't know where is safe ……
The Yan flies of the first attack, destroyed naval base to be worth of the tallest radar station, commanding center, a great deal of warship of the powder magazine, fuel database and naval base inside touch and go, obtained an unprecedented huge war merit.
After the key position of naval base is destroyed, it actually has already lost to resist ability.Hence the Yan flies taboo no longer, he operates unmanned machine to divide time to start rapid in the military base sky fly, simultaneously fly return part downwards the noodles throw each bomb.Big power amount of bombs that he before prepares isn't too many, almost and all used up in the first attack, so the Yan flies now can use common bomb to carry on bombing is to the ground.
The important target of naval base has already been all destroyed, now just to the seaside army camp, slip through the net ships, and military building...etc. to carry on an attack, so even if is a common bomb, can also satisfy to bomb to request.
Although these common bombs are a bit not enough on the power,they win huge in the amount, completely can satisfy the demand that the Yan flies carpet bomb.The unmanned machine flies over there all the way, see extensive bomb rapid whereabouts, then occurrence of ground closely of massive explosion, this kind of the explosion spreads all of the whole grounds full, as if spreads a flame carpet similar.
Have no the big bombing of loophole in this carpet type under, no one can by luck flee for life.Hoping of the army camp inside a great deal of rice non-commissioned officer soldier despair the sky, discover to decline to drop down raindrop general bomb from the sky, then these bombs have violent explosion, innumerable of play a slice to splash everywhere, impact wave and flame exploding gobble up all of them and neither escape by sheer luck ……
The Yan flies Be carrying on carpet bomb and making use of a quantum radar scanning, concern own bombing effect.Under the scanning of quantum radar, the circumstance on the ground basically can not cheat Yan to fly.If discover that the soldier of rice non-commissioned officer wasn't killed by explosion, the Yan flew the meeting again bomb and exterminate the rice soldier concealed clean.
After ten minutes, after the Yan flies large-scale carpet bomb, the Norfolk naval base has already been flown by the Yan to thoroughly demolish, the whole base has no personnel to escape by sheer luck.The whole naval base is surrounded by the fire sea, flame and smoke and dust are blunt sky of but rise, all damaged site to break wall everywhere on the ground, all huge pit everywhere, there is almost no a piece of flat ground.But the touch and go of the seaside is all disappearances, originally moor at the military battleship of sea surface all drive deep-fried sink.Come up to say from this meaning, the Norfolk military base has already been getting more nonexistent.
The huge explosion voice being spread by the wharf wakes up with a start, the common people of Norfolk downtown see toward the blunt sky of wildfire of the naval base direction, a bit absentminded in the heart.Here is the military base of rice foundation of a nation soil, from build up still have never suffered the other people's attack till now, now but drive deep-fried become this appearance, is suffer enemy country to attackstone?
Then these rice citizens were many and then thoughted of an affair, that was the Yan to fly have already represented the dreamlike island declares war to the rice country, now be a very likely to be Yan to fly is carrying on an attack to the blessing gram naval base.Previous these rice the peoples return the war declaration that the Yan fly regard as fun, wait until and discover after Norfolk naval base really is bombed, they just realize that the Yan flies the weight of that war declaration.Just they are a bit interrogative, the Yan flies just a rich businessman, he how can has ability to attackstone a rice country east coast of rice soldier military base?
The rice country almost participated in two all post-war all of the wars, but rice country common people to these war but have no felling, because these combats all take place the soil is at the rice foundation of a nation outside.Even if someone's member dies or injures, is also personnel's dead and injured in other country, have no relation with them.As time passes, the common rice the people lost to keep a view impression to the war and felt that the war is like to have a meal to drink water similar simple, couldn't obstruct, either when the rice country launches outward war and even also pushed wave to help Lan.
But after they discover the bright fire of Norfolk military base sky, in their heart but not from but together rise to the fearing of war feeling.Because they finally realize, as long as being a war and then willing kill a person, not only can part by death the person of country, the rice the people will also die.Perhaps the death will suddenly condescend to come oneself in the head ……
Yan's flying doesn't know common people of these rice countries the in the mind is just thinking what, he just knows that the rice the people killed his own fiancee, he is as absolutely irreconcilable as rice country.The rice country of these military bases soldiers are all accomplices of rice country government, so the Yan flies to exterminate the mental state burden that they have no.
The unmanned machine is rapid to fly in the sky, the quantum radar again carries on a scanning to navy's military base in the fire sea.After, the target that the detection didn't be worth making moves any further's unmanned machine 1 turns round, fly to separate river to mutually hope of Niu wave especially the Niu Si shipbuilding factory.
Especially the Niu wave the Niu Si shipbuilding factory is that the rice country is unique to make sail the mother's comprehensive sex shipyard, the Yan flies as long as dropping this shipyard solution, the rice the people loses all manufacturing sails the mother's ability.That time, rice country as long as losing an aircraft carrier, be really lost, can not make up back any further.
The news that the Norfolk naval base of river opposite doesn't clearly suffer to attackstone already drive Niu wave especially the Niu Si shipbuilding factory understand, then they realize that they have been in peril and start organizing right away, will should to the wild attack of possible arrival.
However Niu wave especially the Niu Si shipbuilding factory isn't a rice army brigade, though shipyard inside also have the rice army the brigade is garrisoning, but they basically can not gather in the in a short time.So when the unmanned machine divided time to demolish naval base and flew to the Niu wave the Niu Si shipbuilding factory sky especially of time, see nether factory area one flurried, a great deal of of the personnel rush on the ground, basically organization don't get up effective defense.
After Gao Kong of success bombs experience, the Yan flew and then fancied the felling of this kind of carpet bomb.He descends height and targets an attack target, then all of the dockyards and factory factory premises of facing underneath throw down in great quantities common bomb, will make duplicate successful experience of bombing the naval base.
At this time, the sharp crest of shipyard a special building place suddenly shoots together red ray of light, this red ray of light once rows the sky and stuck Yan to fly unmanned machine to divide time to shot into a space, then the red ray of light quickly rows and almost once rows unmanned machine to divide time.
Although the red ray of light is apart from the unmanned machine that the Yan flies to divide time to still have several distances of ten meters,the Yan flies but is got a fright.Because he has already seen out, this red ray of light is incredibly a laser weapon.The unmanned machine that the Yan flies divides time ever an attack of suffering the radical light weapon, that attack made the unmanned machine was incised into several big pieces and also made the Yan fly an absolute being soul to tear to pieces.So while again discovering to strike laser, the Yan flies to incredibly have a kind of scared felling.
The rice country has been being placed in a science and technology leading position in world, their affirmation has already carried on the laser weapon small scaled to turn to turn with true war.Don't say that especially the Niu wave Niu Si shipbuilding factory is a rice country the sail finally mother the manufactory is that Norfolk naval base also affirmed to install this kind of laser weapon just.The attack that the regrettable Yan flies really too and suddenly, the laser weapon of rice soldier should haven't produced result and then been flown by the Yan to destroy.

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