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Anne purely pure smile way:"That is the teacher don't understand Mu to permit ice rain.It is said that she led very bitterly in childhood of and lived in a knoll village of north and had already arrived a 13-year-old primary school to graduate a home to have no money to be provided for her to study.But she has much of ideal, when the dry agriculture lives always self-educated music, until the one day famous music producer goes to country to adopt breeze, not intentional and pleasing to listener arrive her singing, surprised is nature and man, just come out her talent exhumation, then take into training, until the first time she appeared, the whole music field was all surprised to be getting more foolish.The Mu permits ice rain to make great effort, this several in the last yearses she has been being studying the courses of the high school, university, it is already the guest of the college of music to seem seat lecturer."
Because exterior voice huge, two artificial talk can smell each other, imperceptibly become to approach very much, almost want to gather together at a cake of.The Cui government doesn't stop to comfort himself/herself:"Only wish the teacher just takes lessons language homework for her ……"
Still have livelong half the hour singing performance just formally start, grandstand already the disturbance is uneasy, Liao learns a few boys of soldier's rear row to shout shout oneslef hoarse, a plastics card that prints to have "ice" word's raising along while doesn't dislike as well tired, another a group of persons then at together voice chorus:"I wait your for an instant, once walked one light year ……" beginning is still very weak, gradually and more gather more many, turn into myriad people big chorus.
"Mama of, really can not stand."Need not student thinks what deal with his way, only this kind of fanaticism that separates to have generation gap has already made him sit like cushion of needles, " tramples upon, completely for trampling upon me.It isn't so bad to go home to listen to more play."Liao learns the soldier's viewpoint to have a little peculiar, he is cool love traditional thing, ignore is domestic or abroad, but resist in the subconscious current of popular way.For example Carmen that kind of come to say to seem to be Kang to grow bothersome opera at present, he listens to if drink sweet Niang, but a lot of pop songs, he sees as torment.
Started include to order an urine idea, the station started left see right to see, southeast northwests in the gymnasium all could not distinguished, toilet exactly where?
"Teacher, what are you seeking?"Anne purely and purely sees him one face anxious, the concern ground asks.
"Can not contain any more, wanted to seek a toilet urinates, Anne is purely pure, do you want to go together?"Old Liao usually don't choose speech.
"What ah!"The Anne purely pure Qiao face flies red:"Seem in the backstage?The person is a lot of, can hardly seek."
The words have never finished saying Liao learns a soldier an arrows has already trodden blunt go out.
Formerly row seat arrive the backstage want to turn to be a greatly curved, luckily fan how much pay attention to character, didn't get to the place of their big star rests to create a big noise, so here compare outside of the person want to be little ascend 10000%.Only 23 public securities patrol outside the small gateway, the appearance is much more leisurely and carefree than the public security of outside, write a way on the small gateway:"The loiterer forbids to go into".
Is or so the pain canning not finding a place, rather looking for the corner of a cloudiness to pull a bubble to calculate to heart's content and quickly.
"Yi, elder brother Bing, long time no see."That public security in the doorway suddenly openings way.
"Jiang Xiao Er is you."Liao learns a soldier to settle once the Jing see and say with smile:"Half year didn't see, you mixed a public security to be, dry get quite good?"
That makes Jiang Xiao Er's public security try to please ground to say:"Still go, give elder brother Bing's blessing, be last the squad of public security company is long, be responsible for the safety of this singing performance today.Elder brother Bing, how do you also like to listen to a singing performance?""Who don't like to see beauty?In have a toilet?Let the elder brothers go in Sa bubble urine."Liao learns a soldier to carry pants to say.
Jiang Xiao Er's side exposes a difficult color:"Elder brother Bing is really an I am sorry, above rules' hasing no pass can not go in."
"Go to your mother force of, you don't think at in the sea mixed and then say earlier!"Liao's learning for a while a soldier is suddenly great anger, stretch hand to push him 1.Jiang Xiao Er eats not to live his hand strength, 80 kilograms of bodies are malicious to bump sheet iron of small gateway, send out Hua a burst of greatly ring.Flank two public securities not from forbid hand Wu rubber stick Be surprised to fear to ground to looking at him.
Jiang Xiao Er was originally also a north the city was black to help of a member, year public security job advertisement employee of company, his battle wear the shape is greatly high, the artistic skill is vivid to mix a public security captain, directs more than 20 under charges, got 3,000 pieces of salaries for a month, poured to also eat fragrantly to sleep fell actually, at this time suddenly think of station in front of him of is a hooligan to say a not two eldest brother Liaos learns a soldier, cold sweat 1 drop connects 1 drop to flow chin, "elder brother Bing, there are words saying so much, in fact I am also just to get along ……toilet at inside the right side most end, use up and remember blunt water."
Looking at Liao to learn soldier's swagger to walk into backstage, another public security low voice asks a way:"Captain, just who is that person ?How so overbearing?You are why so afraid he?We can report to the police."
"You know what, if report to the police to catch him, my whole life need not mixed."
The backstage says greatly not big, say small also not small, the more than 30s single is partitioned with the wooden board, in the center of the passage is very narrow, the prop of heap full dog dinner.There are stereo set room, clothing room, retiring room, and restroom...etc. among them, the singing performance still leaves more than 20 minutes to start, staff member's friendly intercourse is extremely hurried, is leading to touch to turn over a box of mineral spring in way, spread 708 fall, also the nobody tidies up.
Under the circumstance like this, the natural nobody realizes Liao to learn a soldier, ignore he is come to urinate of or come to be a petty thief.
Thoroughly pulled one cannon urine, toilet but can not find to return to of road.Because the zone partitions intensively, each one leads ways to all have three branch roads, besides is all so in great disorder and dusk everywhere.Want to seek individual to ask, oneself doesn't wear a work card, is misunderstood is a bad egg not like, he walks toward little place of person as far as possible.
"This door, opens is an outside?"Liao learned a soldier to seek along while, the Ning wore handle knob to push away a door.
But he soon discover wrong, this is a spacious rest room, the both sides dresser puts full closely of bottle, brush, box and mirror, the shelf also puts indiscriminately everywhere and hang full gorgeous and colorful clothes skirt.
The dresser side sits a person and sees her very inclined posture and grow to dissipate of in the part, this person must be very exhausted.She says:"Do not say to once give an account you, don't be vexed before performing I, have what matter tomorrow say again."Liao learns a soldier way voice sorry, just wanted to release, that woman said again:"Etc. pours glass water for me.""Hurry, bothersome what?"The order within tone of that woman makes people allow of no brush-off.
See she seem really utterly exhausted, Liao learns a soldier heart way:"Hand old grandmother crosses the street of matter I am also dry to lead, of no consequence what."Hence walking to the fountain machine the side is prosperous one glass water, put disguise on the stage."Was free, went out."That woman returns overdo, once 2 people face to face personally, all foolish live.This is a face that is perfect to have no time, beat foundation cream, let her facial expression look red and delicate captivating, the eyelashes are small and soft hot to lead, again long again book, the Chen wears watery eyes more charming.Fresh bright lip gloss, delicate informer, even if the disguise passed by with meticulous care, her face still keeps making people suffocate.

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