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"That some oddness.Do I why hear this song having a kind of felling that acquaints with very much?"The autumn of the leaf looking at Ran to smile to ask a way winter night.
Ran winter night once the in the mind move,did he listen to out?
Yes, the lyrics of the song " meet by chance" is what Ran writes winter night, and write ground is her and business of leaf autumn, she and leaf felling for meeting autumn.This is also she why must leaf the autumn is used as the reason of the leading role of male.
But this phrase write a ground of very and reserved, the whole lyrics doesn't have the words of feeling and love and just state meeting of 2 people and mutually know, and that a little that is satisfied to contain therein light feeling, does he how can discover it's incorrect?
The problem in leaf autumn lets winter night the Ran don't already is happy, but intentionally set up for vacant doesn't understand that the ground says:"BE?Acquaint with very much?Perhaps where did you once listen to the other people once singing.Can't with other persons of heavy match?I must allow the economic companies to check."
"H'm."The leaf saw the seriousness that the Ran know to this problem winter night to the autumn and also let go of heart, don't entwine and say at this as well:"Today nothing important matter?The lunch eats here here.At the right moment we can discuss the business son of evening party."
The Ran pours to hope winter night and leaf the autumn totally enter lunch.But she afraid she unbearable, again and those two women get up for Dou.And still have a since then a words don't say, as long as so dignified Shu Ya Di Zuo is where to oneself pressure ground woman, this meal affirmation is to eat ground to have no Zi have no flavor.
"Not.I still want to go to company a .The business of evening party waits until at school us to discuss again, at the right moment can call happy and greatly strong.I come be want to show you this MV, you feel to have what need to be revised of place?"
Revise?How can ask oneself so professional question?Oneself that knows what revise to cut?
Turn and then think a way, the Ran is winter night likely to be afraid oneself to this top of the appearance has the place of dissatisfaction, so especially the idea run to come over to inquire his/her own opinion, also letter for she was so with quiet attention.
"Need not cut.I feel very good.There is no opinion."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"H'm.That good.I am leaving."The Ran picks up leaf winter night the autumn only got rid of from the computer in withdraw of CD.Pack into oneself ground packet inside, outside walk to the door.
Draw back a door.See two girl's sons of Tang Guo and Lin Bao Ers just nervous to run away background.
The autumn of the leaf takes Ran to enter his/her own room winter night, and closes a door not to show them, no wonder that 2 people will run to come over eavesdropping.
Ran winter night white leaf the autumn is one eye, leaf autumn can embarrassedly smile.This kind of matter son all has no a way explanation.
Ground the weather in Yan city is good friends with than Su Hang some, the sunlight is bright and beautiful, the accumulated snow of road all about melted into water and only had house roof up, there is still thin 1 F in treetop and the corner that some strange yins fall accumulated snow.
The day that turns snow is the coldest, even if be dressed in feather Rong to take is also similar.The autumn of the leaf puts car garage touch and go to then walk to the classroom after being good on the ground.Was several days absent from school again, see 3322 be dressed in cotton dress to wear cap a student that embrace book's has a class, without cause of have already grown warm feeling.Although leaf the autumn is basically incognizant they.
The autumn of the leaf comes to ground for night, come of time, section 1 lessons all soon started.Haven't walked to classroom, hear a front the classroom spread of clamor a voice.Make to coax ground one regiment, leaf autumn's also canning not hearing clearly them is saying what.He is more busy at ordinary times, to some gossips of school all interest in the nothing important.
The leaf walks the autumn to the classroom doorway, clamoring of inside in the classroom a Ga however.
Is like everyone's company to measure good, a while uncannily the calmness get up.Everyone once turned a face to see to just walk toward the classroom incoming leaf autumn, then bomb a cachinnation to get up towards after seeing one eye, then again.
"How?They what is this a stem?"The leaf walks the autumn to blue can the heart nearby sit down and puzzle that the ground asks a way.
"Hey Hey, everyone at discuss your big news."Lee is greatly strong to once stretch head from the back, smiled the ground of Xi Xi to say.See to he have already resumed to come over from is brokenhearted of the stroke, at least flat surface up is such.

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