Imitate the Buddha benefit sword sting to break air

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The Teng green mountain imitates Buddha a bird and once flies lake noodles and held tight the corpse of farmland elder and fell lake opposite shore and threw that corpse slightly ground up, send out of action small pole.In this way once, the Teng green mountain returned to that Wei again the list elder generation bone Hai location part.
"Now, just only one left Deng Geng!"The Teng green mountain right hand grasps to fly knife.
Deal with that G, the best good opportunity is when the other party just wanted dew, give he a flew knife!The Teng green mountain previous incarnation is a cutthroat, be subjected to of train that is to don't hesitate available means, kill opponent by minimum price, he can't foolishly pursue equity.After all the Teng green mountain doesn't know the other party true real strenght.
Teng green mountain the vision isn't intentional to decline a Wei of the hands of Cang dragon.
On the Cang Long Shou of Wei, it is taking a pair of purple gloves.
"H'm?"The Teng green mountain still remembers previous 2 people dialogue, " this is the absolute being soldier whom they say'eagle claw in the sky'!That Wei list ……they say, that is also the inborn gold Dan, once the row 《placard in the sky 》 front ten of super strong, this personal weapon that waited a strong, settle not general."
Teng green mountain left hand in addition to descend that'eagle claw in the sky', from beginning to end, the right hands of Teng green mountain all hold to fly knife and prepare to assault Deng Geng who come out the surface at any time.
"It is pretty heavy."Left hand Dian Dian, peep out a surprised color in the Teng green mountain eyes, " this'eagle claw in the sky'boxing set, suddenly on seeing, seem to be more frivolous, should be light, can in fact, but have several catties of heavy."
The Teng green mountain realizes that this weapon valuable degree, being no lower than own transmigration of soul gun is afraid.
The Teng green mountain left hand puts on first a , 'eagle claw in the sky'gloves, although is heavy, very soft, good stuck the 1 F skin sort on the hand.But in the joint, finger tip position, but is dark purple metal, seem to be very sharp.Wear to begin a set, Teng green mountain at random a wave hand.
Imitate the Buddha benefit sword sting to break air.
"No wonder that that Wei Cang dragon, wear this gloves, can easily grasp a ground mountain stone."It presents a mind in the Teng green mountain brain, " contained this gloves ……that I completely can depend this gloves, and the other people sharp absolute being soldier fought, my form idea boxing, also use violence of ground!"
Although the Teng green mountain hands are harder than steel.
Can be again hard, can not also with'ten thousand years cold iron'wait to compare.The sharp knife sword of generally strong, the Teng green mountain dares to with bare hands grasp to answer.
Can if is the knife sword of transmigration of soul gun this Class, the Teng green mountain with bare hands grasps and estimates to be chopped a hand by the somebody else!
"H'm, since today, knife Ba man, this identity, wear eagle claw in a sky, fight!"The Teng green mountain heart bottom has been already prepared and make own incarnation, become an establish a reputation person.That later ……make use of famous of'incarnation', will have intention to unexpectatively wonderful place.
The lightning flash sort right hand also takes to start a set.
"Having is this pair of'eagle claw in the sky', complete can and the inborn is strong near body war."While Teng green mountain is putting on gloves, also each grasp a handle to fly knife, silent stare at that lake bottom.
Once Deng Geng emits a head, two handles fly knife to shoot to pass by!
Time passes and turns an eye, then near was getting halfer of two-hour period in the past, Deng Geng still don't come out.
"This G can also really support in water bottom."Waiting is half of two-hour period, but the Teng green mountain isn't the slightest anxious, his half squats down, on the hands of fly knife firm, have no one silk rock.He face top but have one silk smiling face:"Arrive to this silver Cape mountain, can get this small Ding, be most regarded as an accident to biggestly harvest."
Get small Ding, in touched happy remaining, the Teng green mountain also has some doubts.
"Size, style and touch, and the small Ding of previous incarnation looks exactly alike!"
"But, this small Ding remains in the lake bottom be soaked for 600 years by water!Exactly is what metal, soaked for 600 years ……unexpectedly have no a little influence."

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