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Liao learns soldier's some strain and makes known in case of this hussy, oneself runs to all run not to drop, several ten thousand one fan vomit a spittle, can drown oneself.His low voice says:"You don't want to make a mess of, I have no malevolent, unintentionally walk the wrong room is just."The Mu permitted the face of ice rain originally cloudy or sunny not certain to suddenly turn to open, the blunt door outside called 1:"Be free, since departure vexed I, I know time."Learn a soldier sneer way to Liao:"How, know now afraid?""Yes, I well frightened, your adult has in great quantities and put me a way out."
"Hum, lazy must manage you."The Mu permits ice rain to raise a cellular phone and see the above of row a scar, suddenly foolish live, that day of on recording box on the ear, to she leaves of not only is a pain.After issue the first song album, she hasn't tasted this kind of to humiliate of taste.That day is that she comes to win sea for the first time this year, for getting away from the vexed person's reporter and attendant, she secretly takes a bodyguard to slip away an outside to loiter about and makes people sorry is to run into rascal, finally report to the police don't dare to use a true as well, fear be entwined by the reporter.
"Say, how should compensate my loss, otherwise I as long as call a , at least have 100 public securities to bind you to the police station."
Saying in the smelly rascal is frightened, but the look in the eyes show unintentionally cajolery, "before you yell, I have enough time engrave one of your delicate faces ten words.However I ain't a Ting but walk the person of insurance, so, I give you apology.""What?Apologize?"Mu's permitting ice rain more and thinking more is angry:"The car that breaks and makes unusable me also beats me, an apology even if?"
"Apology still not enough sincerity?"Liao learns a soldier to originally think that the Mu permits ice rain however just vase just, but listen to student say, she is to be from needy, depend on oneself to hard just have to achieve today afterwards, then say:"If that day, you drive to knock down of the old woman change to do mama who is your Mu to permit ice rain, don't know what feeling you make again?"
The Mu permits ice rain to say:"Impossibly, does my mama how can sell tomato."
"You really should enter our class to listen to the language level that I speak a few languages, raise you, don't even know parables.This is for instance just 1 kind, you establish body place ground ground to consider."
"You?You is ……teacher?!""How, the teacher can not grow elephant I so is the vigor booming?-I ask you, your mama and didn't you lead?"
This words made reference to Mu to permit ice rain heart deep place, she gain both honor and riches behind lead spoil a high-fed day, already soon ungrateful, but Be brought up by old Liao, the scene came clearly to view yesterday, 13 years old that year, for watering for that vegetable plot in home, her shoulders all whet swollen;At the age of 14 , bought this musical score for the sake of several dollars in the province, she has never eaten a piece of meat for three months ……19 years old that year, for eating a world class the cook personally did of pizza, she spends several 100,000 chartered airplane to invite big kitchen since Paris rushed through;20-year-old that year, just for staying in Hsiangshan City for half month, she bought a set of luxurious villa that takes swimming pool and movie theater.
Although the words are such,the mental state of ordinary mortal still keeps feeling:"Even if I make it not to, that also the round don't arrive you to teach me."
"Lead what days all has nothing to do with you?Quickly say, how should compensate me?"The Mu permits ice rain on reading into this and embraces arm to continue to sneer at.
"You gave that day tomato the old woman is 100 pieces, I also give you 100 pieces of, everyone evened off.Hurrying don't be getting more entangled on this kind of trifles, I still need to rush through seat to once see a singing performance."
The Mu permits ice rain unable to cay or laugh:"Have no me to appear, what singing performance do you see?That take quickly 100 pieces of come out to compensate me of fix carfare."
Liao learns a soldier to just say to play and has never thoughts her to really demand, is just intending to throw money to the ground to humiliate her some kind of, Mu's permitting ice rain has already in a flash of hand led bill Duo and smile the ground of Ying Ying to say:"Good, also owe me a record box on the ear and an apology.I am going to perform right away, waited bottomed to seek you again calculate Zhang."
Liao learns a soldier startled, that is his last boarding fee, extort to come in the group leader mountain student hand in the high school of, do you call how I live?The positive desire has no poise ground strong rob, broker outside the door and then at call way:"Light rain has already put away?Show up!"
Old Liao feels to here should not stay a long while, way voice:"Had better don't see again forever."Quickly push door but.Door outside more than ten light teachers, stereo set teacher and companion dance the girl and broker suddenly see permit the restroom of the young lady and drill an unfamiliar man from the Mu, all puzzling.The broker queries a way:"Sir, are you how to come in?Know not to know that we are backstage important precinctses here, no admittance to unauthorized person?""Ha ha, I am to come to permit a young lady for Mu to dedicate the floral, I walk right away."
The broker drills into a restroom right away:"Young lady, do you have a matter?Just that person BE?Want to make the public security grasp him?"
"Nothing important, he is my old friend."Liao learns a soldier to finally find out exit and in a hurry return to seat up, Anne purely and purely asks a way:"Last toilets how all went so long?Still think that you didn't like to listen to a singing performance, the opportunity to look for slipped away.""Which meeting, I seek Mu to permit ice rain to match shadow, ask be signing."
"Really?It is quick to see for me."Anne comes out a string of little stars in purely pure this pure girl's eyes.
"She isn't willing to give, afterwards I beat her up and returned to she is 100 dollars.""Hum, again braggart!"The Anne purely pure Jue wears a mouth to say.All of the light of the big satge put out at this time, one disturbance of grandstand, immediately after ring out a scream, the fluorescence stick stars orders a point, is decorated with the night view of city.
Slowly spread a burst of and rainy voice, the light Meng of the satge hazy Long is getting brighter, didn't know to use what effect, unexpectedly see rain being floating to spread in the heavy satge in the open.Follow together specially bright light pillar to beat bottom, a shadow of human figure that wears a long skirt is quiet to is quiet to stand, start singing.
"Forgot when, wasted the spring autumn of time …… take to order some sorrow in eye, you give my festival salute ……"
This I and your festival singing Qi fan pleasing, the melody tactfully ties up Mian, gorgeous but not the Mei is vulgar, but the deeply drunk cast a glamour more and hover around to curl up in the gymnasium and imitate Buddha starlights to all in a twinkling disgrace, in the whole world leaves a kind of orotund existence.Only two words can describe her throat, that be:Sounds of nature.
Liao's learning a soldier is getting more shocked all of a sudden, he has never once tried a voice ability good to listen arrive this kind of situation, is like a piece of jade to knock into an in the mind, send out "Ding" of that, not only only will make people shiver, leave of still have been already moved.
The fan's excitement sets off extremity all of a sudden, the war whoop, screech intertexture becomes one.If having voice can become entity, gymnasium affirmation will be hit into flat ground.But regardless allow how they yell, always cover however the Mu permits the singing of ice rain.
Liao learns soldier's in the mind to concede, on the mouth but dead duck the mouth is hard, sneer way:"Pack absolute being to play tricks, the nothing important is surprising, also the heel karaoke is a level."
"You!The teacher how to say like this!"Anne purely pure spirit way.
If not is to make him talk, otherwise only after death severals the fan of the fanaticism then wants to try very hard to with him.
Stand on the Mu of the center to permit ice rain already didn't in times before in the restroom of exhausted, she becomes aglow with health, healthy and energetic, absolutely can be treated as that the magic power is infinite.Stand on the satge, she is like a fairy, can say so, the satge is her life, accept myriad people to admire is her mission.
Liao learns a soldier throat Gu Long, difficultly swallow the next spittle:"This my daughter person's going fetch to do a should is great in the evening.Don't know that she make the voice meeting of bed can't be also like this wonderful?"
The big star finishes singing a song, on the stage warmly of the applause almost turn into earthquake.She is tiny tiny on bowing, toward a words tube to say:"Very touched everyone can see my singing performance and thank you, you are my best friends.Underneath a song is for an instant one light year , hope that you can like."

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