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The Benefits of Aluminum Shutters
aluminum shutters san diegoWindow shutters come with numerous benefits, but their most practical feature is it's ability to protect you from natures elemtns. Typically wood is the more popular choice because it is very attractive and can still get the job done on the interior. However, for exterior window shutters, aluminum is giving wood a run for its money. Aluminum is extremely durable and makes for a solid decision when it comes to exterior window shutters. In addition to cover all the basics it offers insulation, versatility and a long lasting lifespan. Aluminum shutters can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your home inside and out; consider aluminum shutters to line the walls of your pool house instead of traditional walls. Open and close as much or as little as you want, shutters leave the options to you.
Superior protection- Aluminum shutters are perfect for protecting the rooms in your home from heat and too much sun as well as cold weather and wind. They are also very durable and strong enough to protect your windows through storms with high wind and debris being blown around. As an added feature, aluminum shutters will not rust from rain or wet weather. Aluminum shutters are made to protect and to last.
Wide Variety and Versatility- Unlike other window shutters, aluminum shutters can be used on the inside and outside of your home. They also can be custom made to fit into any window and are available in hundreds of colors to match the theme of your home. The durability and options for aluminum window shutters truly set them apart from others. If traditional wooden shutters are too rustic for the look of your modern home, aluminum shutters give off a clean sharp look that will round out your home's overall atmosphere.
Attractive Appearance yet Efficient- Another benefit that comes with aluminum shutters is their ability to open the full length of the window if desired while neatly and efficiently closing completely. This offers the option for full sunlight on a beautiful day or complete darkness on those mornings you have a chance to sleep in.
Optional Security Lock- Not all, but many aluminum shutters come with the option for a security to lock to be another obstacle should any intruders attempt to break in through a window.
Considering new window shutters for the interior or exterior of your home?
Let French Brothers Custom Shutters be your window shutter solution, allowing a wide range of options to fit exactly what you want. Contact our specialists today for more information or a quote.
When it comes to window treatments, there are a number of different options to pick from. Clients often find it hard to zero down on what they want and need, and information to make their choice easier is difficult to come by. At French Brothers Shutters., we want to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you clear any doubts about our products, and to do this, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our shutters.
1. What material are your shutters made of?
We make our shutters from solid wood, specifically North American hardwood. We don't use compressed wood or particle-board in our projects.
2. Where are your shutters made?
We do all our carpentry work at our factory in San Diego, CA and then transport it to the site.
3. What color choices do you offer?
We are incredibly flexible when it comes to colors. We custom paint your shutters to match any color sample you provide.
4. How long does it take to make the shutters?
Shutters take about four to six weeks to make, depending on how many shutters you require. Typically we take a day to install the shutters.
5. What kind of warranty do you offer on your shutters?
We offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on any defects in craftsmanship and installation for the life of the shutter. This warranty is transferable.
Installing custom shutters will not only beautify your home, but it will also increase your privacy and boost your home's resale value. Custom shutters are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and are a more cost-effective and efficient solution. With the right shutters, you can also control how much light enters your room.
However, while shopping for custom shutters, people try to save a couple of bucks and end up buying lower quality products. There are others who try and install shutters on their own, resulting in buying products that are the wrong size or don't match the rest of their home.
To help you avoid mistakes like these, French Brothers Shutters has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when buying custom shutters.
1. Choosing the lowest bidder. While this could prove to be cost-effective, it is not advisable in the long run. Shutters may not differ where looks are concerned, but they will vary in quality. Research how they are built, what materials are used, how they are painted, what the end product will look like, etc. Visit the factory if you have to, to get a better understanding of how they work and are built.
2. Going for the lowest price. Buying cheaper shutters might be easy on the pocket, however, you can't expect high-quality, long-lasting materials. Lower quality products are bound to be last a year or two, at the most.
3. Low product quality from overseas companies. There is a sudden boom in shutter companies, and a lot of people think they can cut costs by ordering products from offshore companies and middlemen. Make sure you buy from a company of reputation, quality, and that provides a warranty to back all this up.
4. Ensure you get what you paid for. Make sure you are buying what you are told you are buying. A lot of customers make an order based on the looks and description of a certain product and discover that they did not receive what they thought they were investing in.
5. Saving instead of spending. The biggest mistake people tend to make is trying to save money by purchasing inferior products that were made to look like a replica of the original. They end up investing in new shutters because the old ones did not last. The best way to avoid this is to find a local company that builds their own products and has the quality you are looking for.
About French Brothers Shutters
French Brothers Shutters is a custom shutter company based in San Diego, CA. We manufacture and install our shutters from start to finish. We provide luxurious and high-quality custom window blinds, shutters, roller and motorized shades to beautify homes across San Diego County and the surrounding areas.
We are a family business and with over 30 years of experience.. Through market crashes, other local companies going under, with influxes of imported products, and mass-produced shutters, we have successfully maintained our standard of quality and service. This has allowed us to not only stay in business but grow. As a business, we always strive to improve both in our manufacturing process and in our customer interaction.
At French Brothers Shutters we follow a green policy, and we limit our waste. Being a wood shutter manufacturer, we ensure we have as little waste as possible, and we use low VOC water based paint. We also support our community through sponsoring several local causes and sports teams.
The French Brothers Shutters Difference
With several years of experience in the shutter business, you can be sure about the quality of our products. We only sell high-quality shutters and have several options for clients to choose from, suiting each home's unique needs. We are proud to offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on all our products, giving our customer peace of mind. Also, we are a local business and are able to offer our quality products and outstanding customer service at a very competitive price.
We make shutters for people from all walks of life. Being a small, family-owned and operated business, we have the ability to work directly with our customers, and that is what attracts people. When a client calls they get to talk to a person, usually one of the family members and not a pre-recorded response.
In addition, we always send someone out who works for us and not subcontractors. If there is any problem you can call us directly, not a separate warranty company. You can come to our factory to see what we do. We will be happy to give you a personal tour.
In 2014 we were ranked top ten shutter companies in San Diego. We are very proud of our products, and customer service and we hope to continue to provide our products and services and expand our reach in the future. We hope that the next generation will continue this legacy.

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