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All of three rocks shot a mask male, leaving a ground of near person even could hear the clear and crisp sound that the rock send out while hitting to break bone.
Mask male ground the arm and skulls be all hit a cave hole.The person echoes to fall on the ground.But he shoots Tang Guo's bullet first one step to arrive.While flying toward Tang Guo, drive a black shadow of human figure to blocked down.
"Wang Bo."Tang Guo loudly shouts a way.The eye brims over with tears.
Wang Bo's chest hits by bullet, on the face but is a face to smile an idea.Wang Bo Gen at Tang Bu Yi nearby and so several years is all to pull a long face at ordinary times, very serious earth's surface feeling, the nobody sees him once smiling.This is still the first time.
The impact dint of the bullet makes him retreat several step, but didn't fall down on the ground.As Tang Guo is running to embrace him, he returns the head that a hand touches Tang Guo and says:"The young lady is free good."
This a moment, his being different from is a bodyguard, is like also an elder.
"Wang Bo, you are all right?Wang Bo-you don't want to frighten me."While embracing Wang Bo, Tang Guo at the right moment touches his wound sticky dense blood and nervously says.
"I am all right.Is quick-protect a young lady."Wang Bo behind a words toward those bodyguards that rush through to come over to say ground.Just the strength in the body is taken time to, talk of voice any further not before and so win to annoy hundred percent, annoy weak visit silk of sort, only he nearby Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er hear.
The persons are all selfish, see the bullet of shotting into Tang Guo be blocked by Wang Bo bottom, in the mind of leaf autumn suddenly is like a heavy big a cake of stone to fall to the ground sort ground easy.If can with ground words.He would like to also use he ground the body block that gun.
The woman is a man to drift on water tired stop for rest a ground of bay after.
The man is a wall that stands erect in woman's in front.Blocked storm, frosty sky snow ground, also had a ground of distress and danger.
On the tenth and the distance on the 11th is very near, personally witness own companion drive use not well-known concealed weapon to knock down, scared afraid under, more unscrupulous, present arms to toward a leaf to madly shoot for autumn, until will play the bullet in the box to beat light.Still and just and strongly button up a trigger.
The autumn of the leaf has already jumped a ground and Be evading confrontation with and willing nearby probably hit by bullet of the person push away.But the artillery range of bullet is too far.Distance still someone cry piteously to fall on the ground.
The autumn of the leaf cuts up rough of pole, very anxious to give° this guy to be cut to pieces.Take ground on the body three pieces of rocks have already thrown to go out, but at the leaf autumn is from a men shoulder up jump down of time, without extra trouble pull out next a hair clasp of woman's hair, the hair clasp head is sharp thin, the end tip still has a ball ground small jewel.Button up Zan tail, emphatically jilt to pass by to the tenth.
The No.10 Wu lives eyes scream to get up, that is long long ground hair clasp at the right moment firm on his eyes, leaf the autumn Be feel anger to make moves.The ability beats the rock into the person's body inside, still less this kind of takes to have the sharp end the hair clasp for pounding at a thing.All the whole Zan bodies greater half gets into eyes on the tenth, blood Gu Gu, very quick once spread finger blind side, followed bridge to flow toward the lips bottom.
The autumn of the leaf takes advantage o he can not see of time, body quickly front blunt, one feet No.10 the Chuai fly to fall on the ground.Then by foot trample on his Bo neck, ask a way:"Still have who?"
The tenth is just Wu eyes Hao call, is like the words that didn't hear a leaf for autumn general.Ye Qiu knows he the hasty pain drills heart now.Perhaps hair clasp and pierce his head, didn't also hope from the his mouth in get what usefully data.The one foot is made an effort, the Mao is a , trampled to break his neck.
Don't see his one eye again, the leaf autumn runs to Tang Guo nearby, once sweeps Wang Bo from her bosom and said:"You are all right?"
"I am all right.The treasure son got hurt.You see Wang Bo quickly how."Tang Guo Yi face misgiving the ground say.

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