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The autumn of the leaf saw next Wang Bo's wound, and then explored to explore his vein Bo.Say:"Want to send to hospital quickly a hospital."
If the words of the common run of people suffer from injury like this, afraid is early dizzy dead past.
"Leaf's elder brother Qiu, that I?"Lin Bao Er runs till leaf autumn nearby, is worried that the ground says.
The autumn of the leaf makes Lin Bao Er turn round and see her behind still true quilt in bottom play laceration a big hole.The autumn of the leaf uncovers to break into abuse to took a look and says:"Just the bullet chafed skin, there is no matter.Leave, bandage at the hospital."
"NO.NO.NO.The game just just started now."A voice is suddenly rung out.
The leaf once turned round autumn to go, the eye pupil in a twinkling rose greatly.
Just Tang Bu Yi is separated by the crowd of people, this place of circumstance again too dangerous, everyone hasn't been noticing his ground action.The crowd of people backed ground about now and only had minority of a few brainses ill-defined, still just this around turns around of, want to look for exit.
Wang Bo flies to rush toward to come over to save Tang Guo and body to suffer from severely wounded, other bodyguards are also rushed through by Tang Bu Yi to come over to protect Tang Guo, only a bodyguard stays at nearby.But now Tang Bu Yi nearby that only bodyguard pour on the ground, Tang Bu Yi's body collapses a ground of perfectly straight and after death stand two men.
A man of light hair blue-eyed's standing is after death using the head that the gun points at Tang Bu Yi.Moreover a men but is hands to put in the pocket, form leisurely and carefreely looking at leaf for autumn.Because the crowd of people are evacuated, the police also large-scalely rounds to come up.But he completely didn't put an at present predicament at in the moment general, be just look in the eyes cajolery the ground looking at a leaf for autumn.
"Ma Wei?"Leaf autumn ground eyes Mi get up, the look in the eyes is sharp.
Although he is always all very curious to Ma Wei Di's background, and he also keeps the heart of vigilance to him, how don't also thought of, he was the instigator of this backstage.
If is ordinary people to have scheme ground words to they, will definitely think that the square tries to try to please he or she and nearby of person.But he splits another shortcut and approaches on one's own initiative with the confidence game.Still really make people lower a doubt to him.
Who meeting at deal with own of time, will run first to come over to make people beat?
No wonder that he always nearby turns at he leisurely, originally for getting concerning oneself and nearby the person's data.These day, he should collect many things.Is thick to accumulate thin hair, until find out such an opportunity to begin in Christmas.
"It is me.However you had better call another name:Direct."Ma Wei Yi's face smiles idea ground to say.
Direct?Is the female excellent?
Leaf autumn idea 100 turn, ask a way:"What is the your ground target exactly?What do you want?"
"Want what now already no longer importance.Now.I want you to die."Ma Wei says with a smile.
"With what?"The autumn of the leaf sneers at.Ground in the hand Wang Bo hand over to after death of bodyguard, before acrossing one step, Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er to block at after death.
"Know that I am dying with me.But you still want that continuing is on the hoof."What about Ma Wei opened mouth to smile.
Wu Bing Pao faced Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang to come over to the outer circle, the big sweat sprinkled a Li ground explanation and said:"Bureau chief Guo, I want to apologize to you.This matter I am accountable, have no to anticipate to in advance this kind of malignant affairs of occurrence.Although around assigned many police force to preserve order,protect strength still too little, now then the personnel who comes together here in the sky reaches to many 50,000 people."
"After the event I transfered overall situation police to come to work well evacuation and safety work.Combined to invite the help of surrounding brothers in the bureau.Personnel's evacuating has been already completed, death toll just at a little bit pure, the injured has already arranged to send into a hospital.Combine have already made contact with a few large hospitals, there have already with all strength worked well to save a person ground work."
Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang looking at one in total disorderly river city square in sky, facial expression dark, but work to still be satisfied with very much to Wu Bing Di.Say:"H'm.You were to the utmost dint.Is there a son what is the row?How to still round over there police?"
Wu Bing Wu ruthlessly says:"The factor that launches this kind of large-scale mess is that they fight with weapons in the crowd.The underworld regiment of these completely lawless and godlesses, I cannot help but wanting will they a ground to die."

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