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curing the offense is the work of court.See there a circumstance how.These social person's residue, an all forbid to pass."Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang is metal gray face to say.The occurrence matter son like this, he this city bureau chief Ju can not take off a relation, oneself not lead.Can't let these people's residues lead so much, either.
"Guo Ju, the bad bandit hand insides all have a gun, the circumstance is very dangerous.Guo Ju directs general situation in the behind good, I go over and have a look."Wu Bing affably says.
"Is there afraid of gun?There is no gun in our hand?The police fears terrorist, what matter son does this calculate?"Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang pushes away Wu Bing and greatly treads to walk to the affairs center.A group of polices immediately run to him nearby personal protection.
"Inside ground the person listen to and let go of weapon and hurriedly surrender.The person of inside listens to and let go of weapon.Hurriedly surrender.Otherwise shoot on sight."The police after pulling the ring of encirclement starts towarding in hold gun confrontation ground both parties' appeal.
Ma Wei buttonned up to button up ear and said to that foreigner:"Wheat Si, I want to discuss with leaf, Mr. Qiu, and dislike that someone talks in this time."
The foreigner point nods and descends the gun in the hand to quickly move, a gun shoots on Tang Bu Yi's thigh.Tang Bu Yi's body 1 stumbles, while wanting to fall, drive that foreign man a to hold tight collar of dress.
"Dad's ground."Tang Guo Jing exhales a voice.Want that when rushing toward is past but drive Lin Bao Er to embrace.
"Tang Tang's elder sister.You go to useless.Let leaf's elder brother Qiu deal with those two big bad eggs."
"If you don't shut up again.The next time is another leg."Ma Wei towards those to hold a gun live ammunition ground the police roar a way.
"Guo Ju, they fought with weapons.Do we want to shoot~dead all of them?"Wu Bing still keeps seeing let the overbearing scoundrel whom the police all shuts up for the first time and instruct a way to Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang.
Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang didn't talk, just eyes dead the hopeless situation stare at front of that inside gun ground hostage, the low voice says to Wu Bing:"The order with no me forbids to open fire."
"BE."Wu Bing although the in the mind was interrogative, still simply promised.
"Do you want to talk with me what?Say."The autumn of the leaf saw eye Ma Wei and said.He sees the ground come out, Ma Wei is the decision that really worked well to is certain to die.
Horizontally fear Leng, Leng of afraid not darned.A person even wasn't afraid of dead, you canned also use what come to threaten him?
"I don't want him to die."Ma Wei points at Tang Bu Yi to say:"I hope that you die."
"Then?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to wait for him keeping on saying.
"You seem and the Tang Jia spoilt daughter of a rich family relate to closely and love a person.Should would like to pay an everything for her.You don't want to save life an one life of ground father of Ms. Tang with oneself's ground?"Ma Wei ha ha the ground smiled and could think that one creativity like this but pride are self-satisfied for oneself.
"The autumn of the leaf, need not manage the words of this bedlamite."Tang Bu Yi loudly shouts a way."My Tang Bu Yi's life is worthless, also not is who want and then can take away."
"Tang Bu Yi?Is he Tang Bu Yi?"
"Good heavens, how is the hostage Tang Bu Yi?"
"Tang Bu Yi is who?"
"The Tang's group always once hears?Chief executive officer the Tang'sly."
Hear the name that Tang Bu Yi report a he or she, those polices all surprise not already.In whisper discuss to open.Wu Bing secretly saw one eye Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang's facial expression and wished, no wonder that bureau chief Guo say there is no his order forbiding open fire, if Tang Bu Yi has a misfortune, Guo Ju Di's responsibility is afraid is not small either.
Tang Bu Yi is what person, Wu Bing but know that the ground is very clear.Say again, the Tang's big industry in the group house is big, if president's what matter, afraid of this matter to make a ground of a lot too big.Press to all press not to live.
That foreigner again opens fire, Tang Bu Yi's body again is one earthquake fiercely, the right side thigh again hits by bullet.
"How?Would like to still would not like to?"
"Do you feel that doing like this is meaningful?"The autumn of the leaf pulls a long face to ask a way."It is unmeaningful.There is completely no meaning.I just follow you closely not great.Want to play you.How?Don't become?"Ma Wei roars with laughter ground to say.
"Become."The autumn of the leaf nods.
"That you does the ground answer?"
"In plain terms say, I don't promise."The autumn of the leaf in earnest says.
Tang Bu Yi a while calmness come down, Tang Guo also the full face can not believe ground to looking at a leaf for autumn.She doesn't want to make the father occupy and would not like to let,

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