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The thunder-storm embraces a document to clip to come in and starts making collective report today's agenda arrangement according to the usual practice in past.
"9:15.There is a board of directors that meet a meeting."
"At 9:45, always meet with the wood of great city group."
"At 10:30, gold sea group president gold sea the benefit want to visit.Gold sea the group and old president keep goodly a cooperative relation, probably talks and from now on cooperate an item."
"At 11:00, accept 《 finance and economics news 》of an interview"
After finishing making collective report all affairs, the thunder-storm tooks a look Tang Guo's facial expression and says:"Tang Dong, today, I saw Mr. Ye."
"That Mr. Ye?"Tang Guo carries coffee cup.In an absent sort of way ask a way.
"Leaf, Mr. Qiu, ."
"The autumn of the leaf."Hear this name.Tang Guo feels he or she's center of earth to be what things given ruthlessly Chuo a while, painfully drop blood."Where did the Ci arrive?"
"Protect a section at Anne.He comes to accept appointment the bodyguard that Anne protects a department."
Tang Guo's facial expression rejoices with wild joy a while.Then tears big the big ground drop drop down, on the face fine makeup drive blunt spread.
She cries a ground of reckless, the image keeping intentionally for these several days bombs however tumbles down.The little bit also neglects to hate to still be different from a person in the in front, be want to cry, the tears thinks all cannot stop.
He came.
He didn't give up himself/herself.
Thunder-storm also Meng, her hasing never thoughting this youngly president will have so big reaction.She still worried at first leaf for autumn understanding president Tang Bu Yi, sees now, he should is also an acquaintanceship with president Tang Guo.
And station in chemisette position's eyes, 2 people's relation is still very close.Thunder-storm heart rejoice with wild joy, see come from F again wager to once.
The thunder-storm lowers the head, eyes avert from Tang Guo's face as far as possible, and the affectation didn't see the appearance that she weep over.
Wait until the voice of sobbing of out of hearing Tang Guo very long, the thunder-storm just continues to make collective report a way:"However, some disagreeable feeling happen."
"What disagreeable feeling?"Tang Guo is wiping a face with the wet tissue and asking a way.In the mind but don't be embarrassed to feel ashamed in the subordinate in front for oneself, just the in the mind was full of a leaf for autumn he or she without abandonning ground joy.
Originally, he is to don't hate he's ground.
The matter that oneself worries most didn't take place, the naturally shoulded be celebrated with the tears some kind of.
The thunder-storm is conjecturesing Tang Guo Di's facial expression and making collective report 1 time to Tang Guo the matter taking place this morning.
Listenned to making collective report of thunder-storm, Tang Guo's face became a ground of iciness get up, although she diligently wants to overcome himself/herself,voice's sounding still keep being full of murderous look.
"That piece exhibition plays suddenly a job to guard and deceive on the deceit bottom, give° him me to expel the Tang."
The thunder-storm in the mind breath a sigh of relief, the president still stands out successful in career.However, be used as a qualified assistant, have to explain the president whom the Xuan machines in it suddenly arrive to this beginning.
"Tang Dong, I feel, temporarily isn't suitable for to expel Zhang Zhan the Tang."
"Why?"Tang Guo resumed dispassion again and puzzled that the ground looking at thunder-storm to ask a way.She dares to answer criticism so her own opinion, affirmation will be causal.
"Tang Dong Chu comes to suddenly arrive, also don't understand a relations in it.Zhang Zhan's uncle is ten thousand clear cloud vice presidents.This turning point in now, Tang Dong is still unwell proper and ten thousand general manager occurrence antinomy.If influenced general situation, this was the loss miserably heavy.Zhang Zhan is just an unimportant person, Tang Dong wants to handle him, can take down he at any time.Needed to bear a period of time to go."
Tang Guo also understands his/her own current circumstances, the father leaves ground suddenly and hand over a so big stand to the oneself's hand up.Is that so easy and then can take up?Underneath ground some brains brains would not like to obey her, either this youngly and too much president, she really has too manily a matter to want to do.
Tang Guo wanted to think and said:"In plain terms say, if not processing Zhang Zhan, my in the mind is very unwilling."

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