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Tang Guo is in a short while idea to move very much, can consider, the facial expression gloomily says:"Or don't ."
The thunder-storm doesn't understand Tang Guo clearly and very would like to, but not do so reason.But superior not say, she also not dare to ask.
Say again:"Want to be not, still leaf does the autumn stay in 2 brigades?We rise his post, Zhang Zhan didn't seek the qualifications that he bothers.And, need not president hereafter begin, Zhang Zhan returns can in leaf's autumn hand up beg for what cheapness?"
Tang Guo nods and says:"This idea is quite good.Make him be Anne to protect a director."
The thunder-storm facial expression is one Leng, say:"President, so-----Was too quick?Originally of Anne protect a minister how do?"
"Was the logistic department minister to soon retire?Let original Anne protect a minister to take over shift duty.I come to a decision, make the leaf is Anne to protect a minister for autumn."Tang Guo determinedly says.
When the total group office appoints this the announcement go out after, aroused the vibration of the whole Tang.
The bodyguard that accepted appointment to come over yesterday advances to Anne to protect a minister today?Was this boy to do rocket?Connect to rise six classes a while.
Zhang Zhan facial expression dark ground looking at table up of ordination book, eyes stare a ground of red.He how can not also comprehend, a small bodyguard how suddenly became his/her own immediate superior.
He makes a phone call to argue by reasoning to the uncle, can uncle but say that oneself is also incapable to is dint, because this is in person what president criticizes down.
Originally this boy top also someone, no wonder that dare toward stem with oneself.The bowel son of Zhang Zhan Di all want regrets Be getting greener.
The autumn of the leaf connects to rise six classes a while, from a just just was recruited incoming small bodyguard to get stripe to protect a director for Anne a while, become the tallest representative director whom Tang An protects system, this result let people Cha eyes surprised snake.Someone is happy, the nature is what someone worries.
At least song idea while hearing this news, will be drinking aqueous cup to failed.He just just chose station at pair director, Zhang Zhan, there, and as for time that dealt with a leaf at Zhang Zhan for autumn, his Mei wear the conscience cheated certificate.That guy unexpectedly became his/her own immediate superior now, does the later day return how to lead?
When song idea knocked the office door of opening the exhibition, see one of his ground in total disorder, scattered on the floor a ground of document, Zhang Zhan for expressing his/her own tasty the idea bought especially of the china container for pens of the fallen petal flowing water also falls off ground to smash, there was still on the office wall cup hit to come up of cave print and tea-leaf Zi.
"Director piece?What circumstance does this isexactly ?How to become this appearance?The that leaf autumn connects a soldier to retire from the army certificates to all have no, how became Anne to protect a director?We of distance director?"The song idea comes in and then hastily asks a way.
Zhang Zhan Xie depends to smoke in transacting chair, didn't also get up to greet a song idea and heard the sorrow color on his face, the at heart was also an uncontrollable rage to rise, cold say with a smile:"The director of the distance?The distance director adjusted to arrive frequently a department to be minister to go.That place is a lucrative post, he which would like to still just here consume?Appoint down today, he even confiscates things ten run that direction to sit a class.Peacetime stem what work didn't see not arrive he run so quickly."
The autumn of the leaf advances to Anne to protect a minister smoothly by rocket speed, and originally of Anne protect a minister distance brave tacit approval to also have a certain relation.If he would like to stand out to speak a few lines, probably the affair don't seem to be now as well like this irretrievable.After all, this isn't suitable for rules be not?And, even if want to rise, you must make people hand over to answer a work for time.
So, the tacit consent of Zhang Zhan to the distance brave has some opinions very much.
The distance brave also includes his/her own viewpoint, because Zhang Zhan's identity is special, the peacetime didn't also how put him in the eye.Although the distance brave overcomes hard, didn't take place with Zhang Zhan what self-contradict conflict.The in the mind still keeps hasing some prejudice to him.Because Zhang Zhan tube ground too breadth, Anne protects the work of department at ordinary times he also the nothing important opportunity participate, almost will drive Zhang Zhan to build on stilts.

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