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Don't say that the logistic department is an illegitimate profit an abundant ground of section first, can far keep off to open an exhibition this to have no good inferiority, being also his dream Mei the affair is in order to the ground.
Qu Yi knows that the back of Zhang Zhan has tough backstage, seduce into wrong doing a way:"Director piece, the distance director would not like to talk, you have to stand out to talk.This must has to arrive after coming first be not?Even if the distance director rises sharply, the position vacating should be also taken office by you just right.How fell a New appointee inside in the hand?This will let the brotherses tremble with fear of."
This sentence at the right moment Zhang Zhan's soft rib in Chuo.He delivers so big quick temper today.Aspect because oneself Cheng cures of the opponent be not driven out to go out, on the contrary become own immediate superior.Still have important reason be, originally should the his turn take over shift duty of Anne protect a director's position to place how disappear so?
Zhang Zhan's nothing important greatly just can.The senior high school hasn't graduated, cannot attend book.The family helped him the activity some kind of, ran to be a soldier.After retiring from the army back, be like a rascal did nothing ground in the Yan city Si to mix quite a few for year.He cans not get uncle's earth shine to attend to until own wife's younger sister and the Tang'sly important shareholder serve as ten thousand clear cloud of vice president the Tang to get married and entered the Tang.After doing captain for a year.Is very quick and then promote to protect a vice- director for Anne.And all people all know and be distance brave a draw apart a bottom.Anne's protecting a director's position is his.
He originally also thinks so.At least today ago still think so.But the affair ground progress came from public unexpected happening.
"Does my station come out to say?Does my station come out to say what?This is the top ground decision, I have what qualifications point hand painting feet?"Zhang Zhan has no not bashful say that oneself once seeks an uncle, but uncle says that he or she is also incapable for the words of dint, the facial expression deeply depressedly says.
"Director piece, ten thousand general managers aren't you ground relatives?Can not seek his help to say?-----My meaning is upward that you represent our Anne to protect a department noodles reaction reaction circumstance.Say that our whole Anne protects a department and stands firmly for a director to serve as Anne to protect a post of director towards suddenly parachuting a director all some puzzling, we."The song idea would not like to also give up ground to say.
He already choose last Zhang Zhan's this sort, can hope that this ship can be Bon voyage, the calm has no wave ground to arrive terminal point all the way.
Zhang Zhan He Chang doesn't want to do so, can this is the group headquarters office approval of, from president's assistant thunder-storm in person and personnel manager Bu talk good ordination.What does he respond to have to use?
Certainly.Can't admit defeat at Zhang Zhan of orally, cold hum a way:"Sit last this position again how?I pour and see him to sit steady."
The song idea didn't see any parlance there from Zhang Zhan.The facial expression embarrassedly returned to his/her own office.Thought of oneself is a perjured matter today, give°ing this lately- taken a post director to give offense to deeply was afraid.Have to think what way make up the relation just go.^^The head delivers novel ⑸⒛ 0^^
Ye Qiu knows he or she is promoted and protects the after the event of a director for Anne, just a little bit astounded.When he sees the thunder-storm appear for a ground of time, thought of that Tang Guo will definitely know that he or she arrives at the Tang'sly a matter.
Is so also good, let her in the mind reduce some self-reproach.
The autumn of the leaf by accident sees the photograph of leading Tang Guo on the medium, although have fine makeup ground to cover up, and the dress and the hair style on the body is also is carried on by the most professional image designer to design, can these things can not cover up her the weariness of the one face.
These day, she must be very tired.
Clip a smoke in leaf's autumn hand, but didn't spark, sat a term Anne to protect a director's skin chair in belonging to up, looking at in the his in front stuffy voice to smoke Lyu Biao.
The autumn of the leaf isn't bad to Lyu Biao's impression, although the time in personal interview and oneself some conflict happened, and 2 people still directly once exchanged blows,was still straightforward.This morning spoke out from a sense of justice and almost threw away own work.If not that the thunder-storm stays he, afraid is that he has already got fired to walk a person now.
Ye Qiu thinks that Anne that regroup the Tang protects a department and still keeps needing a person who acquaints with does a guide.

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