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When the leaf autumn conjectures Lyu Biao, Lyu Biao is also conjecturing a leaf for autumn.All say that the sky drops a farcing a round flat cake the ground the matter son is impossible occurrence of, the lord of in front drive sky drop down of big farcing a round flat cake to hit last?
"Captain, how many years do you work at the Tang?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
"Seven years."Lyu Biao presses the smoke bottom in the ashtray of in front, hand again habitual of touch smoke.But see a leaf the smoke of inside in the hand haven't sparked for autumn, think that this new superior doesn't like to smoke.Again pressed for smoke to return to.
"Ha ha.It doesn't matter.I also smoke."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Find out fire machine from the table.Send over there fire in person.Shan in Lyu Biao Yan a silk appreciate now of color, don't refuse, peacefully go up smoke to spark.
The autumn of the leaf also sparks the smoke in the he or she's hand and accompanies Lyu Biao to take out together.Say:"Seven years?That work of time was still pretty and longly.Seven words, that time Tang Shi just just rising?"
"Yes.The Tang's development ground is too quick, a kind for a day that time.I is the Tang recruits to come of second batches of public securities.A stem is seven years, originally think to want to move a nest ground today.Unexpectedly----"Lyu Biao took out smoke and said:"Unexpectedly stay again.=Novel 520 deliver=="
"Do ground why thoroughly want to walk?Want to walk a ground of person isn't you."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"You also saw, does this Anne protect a department to still be like what appearance?Foul air ground.I can not stand this bird spirit again and leave is also inevitable.Early want to leave.Just has been loathing to give up the wages that the Tang opens for us.Otherwise, who would like to wait upon that big Ye here?"Lyu Biao Men voice the stuffy air ground say.The tone inside has many disaffection to Zhang Zhan.
"I comprehend your difficult place.You can not walk, the Tang still needs you this kind of be willing to executive officer.Dare to say true words ground person."The autumn of the leaf truly be willing to the ground say.
Lyu Biao hesitated for a while and said:"Leaf's director.Can I beg feeling?"
"For who ask for a favor?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to conjecture Lyu Biao.
"Song captain.Our relations are always quite good, at ordinary times he the work ground also work harder.Was forced by director piece to just say those words today-----, Can leaf's director not put in the mind?"Lyu Biao seemed to be never to once do this kind of matter son, some kind of words said that a ground of Ke Ke touches ground, and the along while just speaks to understand.
The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head."Not ability."
See the facial expression that Lyu Biao disappoints.The autumn of the leaf doesn't think that the person that make he or she draw together intentionally leaves heart and says with a smile as well:"The opportunity is equal.Someone can hold tight.Someone didn't hold tight.Someone basically has never realized to stretch hand to grasp.You say that the song captain is forced, this I admit, but be not take off for he opening of lend.You were also forced at that time, why didn't you follow their meaning to speak?"
"He abandonned his own moral qualities and occupation morals to want to hold tight an opportunity, he held tight.Got director piece's good will.But, the affair look like the some mishap is just.What kind of territory ground will he be now if I have no opportunity to sit to talk with you here?"
"The person does amiss to settle a dispute all good to the punishment that should have.I arrive at here and is punishing oneself.He does amiss to settle a dispute, I also want to punish him.I don't know he at ordinary times is how work ground, but a ground of matter done sees today he.He isn't a qualified leader.I can't so the underground belong to.The Tang doesn't need employee like this as well.If pass him because your ask for a favor, this is for taking no responsibility myself.It is also for taking no responsibility the Tang."
The autumn of the leaf finishes saying this words very smoothly and in astonishment discovers, oneself originally is also place he or she's position to put in ordering Gao the morals ground system, occupy vantage point ground to point hand painting feet to the other people's moral qualities.Originally think oneself doesn't is bodyguard and cans make rascal for and sees now, can also take part in China the public official of the country the examination try.
There is heart that if join the government, perhaps a political Nova will gradually rise.
Lyu Biao says with ashamed look:"Leaf's director says ground BE.I am to feel I with him relate to well, so want to make him stay.I made an effort, top how handle, is no longer the matter in my ability scope.

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