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The song idea pushes away a door, a face smiles idea ground to walk to come in and see Lyu Biao sit in the leaf autumn office, the facial expression includes one silk Yin Yu, but very quickly concealed go, and front of the attitude is as if not the same person, a face respectully says:"Leaf's director didn't bother your conversation?"
"Have no.Do I at the right moment occupy to seek you to talk."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile, didn't also let the meaning that the song idea sits down.
Listenned to words of leaf autumn, song idea center of earth inside fiercely one Luo Mao.Don't dare to let the leaf first make a showdown with him for autumn, oneself was placed in passive position when the time comes.The smiling face on the face is getting more heavy, the bodies all soon become a bow type and say with a smile:"Ha ha, that returning was really a Qiao.I also at the right moment occupy to instruct to leaf's director.Leaf's director, today is the first day that you take a post, according to formely rules, our this Anne protected inside in an office newly arrived colleague, all wanted to go out to have meal together.I just had already given Chu the Xiang building to make a phone call and settled the pack of elegance.At noon, leaf's director appreciates a face and we these inferiority have meal?"
Leaf autumn ground look in the eyes smilingly at song idea face up conjecture, this is a typical model ground mean person.Who the geography be been heavy and then stood who there.See now climbing of oneself miraculous sort to Anne protect a director's position and come to try to please oneself again.Want to make up the fault in morning?
Song idea drive leaf the autumn stare at ground very uneasiness.The heart jumps ground severe, but have to force to maintain the leave on the face to smile.Very is truly be willing to the ground stare at a leaf autumn to see and wait for his replying.
If the leaf autumn promised the dinner party in noon, is be not even if is the apology that accepted him?
Song idea the in the mind is jittery, very anxious to the head in autumn going up according to the leaf make him hurriedly promise down.
In the song idea drive leaf the autumn stare at ground to soon collapse of time .Leaf autumn just light head in the location, say:"It is since usual practice formely.I can not make, either special.Everyone has meal that noon, in brief some good."
The song idea at heart rejoices with wild joy and says:"Like, according to leaf director ground the designation do.I now arrange."
"Etc.."The autumn of the leaf shouts a song idea.
"What order does leaf's director still have?"Song idea one face smiles idea ground to become overdo.
"H'm.I still need to discuss with you a matter.It is concerning your business son of work post adjustment."The smiling face on leaf autumn face light Lian goes, the facial expression changes ground to seriously get up.
"How to adjust?"Song idea at heart fiercely on sinking, keep a town quiet hard, looking at a leaf to ask a way for autumn.
"Pass this morning's understand of ground observation and some on the sides, I feel that you isn't suitable for again serve as two groups of captainses ground job.Certainly, you are also the old employee of company, we still specially look after to you.If you would like to of words.Can continue to stay to do bodyguard at the Tang."
Say so on the leaf's autumn mouth.In the mind but is to know, the song idea is how to also be not likely to continue to stay to do member common bodyguard.
Place to up keep on falling from the captain position.And the inferiority in past become even, this kind of hugely fall bad to he this kind of attempt weigh of the person came to say to is an impossible acceptance ground.
Indeed as expected, the song idea facial expression greatly changes, the face starts distorting and asks a way:"Is this the meaning of your meaning is still a director?"
"My meaning.However I will be with personnel department communication of."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"How to say director piece?"
The autumn of the leaf was knocked to knock table with the finger and said:"I think that you make it's wrong.You should call he piece-pair the director is just right.Anne protects the personnel of department to appoint to control on the my hand, needed to communicate and then go with personnel department.Does this have what relation with Zhang Fu's director?"
"You this is to fight revenge.I want upward noodles to complain."The song idea is angry ground of to roar a way.
"How to listen to so the ear being familiar this words?You can upward the noodles complain, not today do a perjured matter have already left case bottom in the personnel department, they will comprehend me to your post adjustment ground.Moreover, I ain't afraid to in plain terms tell you.I am fighting revenge."I don't do bad person, but also have no a necessity to do sage.

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