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"My mouth isn't so clean and how wear?If you if would like to of words, it can also help you Yang."The man laughs at to say and lead heel at he after death of the friend's uproar of laughter in the audience.
"Gratitude, you really shamelessed BE?"West shallow language in the door pushes away crowd and runs the in front of He Xiao Wu, she stands together and reluctantly looking at in front ground man to say.
"Alas!, I say today He Xiao Wu talks so blunt, is have the queen adult the on the side.How to wear?You does western house in the door connect other people to shameless to also want a tube?"
Gratitude 1 are disgraced the appearance of having no the skin, the triangle eye of that deceitful darks at west the body of shallow language in the door up sweep around.
"The Hey Hey disappears for several days, did the queen return to decent life?"The gratitude Yin Hui ground says with a smile.
"Gratitude, you don't the letter believe me to stir up your box on the ear?"West shallow language in the door stares at a gratitude, cold say with a smile.
"Believe.Woman what don't the matter dare to do?I hasn't this left face ever wasn't stired up by you?Do I remember to know.Don't want to report the words of paper headlines, must keep calm.Is everyone a honourable person, make physical advances to calculate what?There is skill, drive to go out Mao 2 turns with me?If you won, I kowtowed apology for you, hereafter see your noodles calling your grandmother."The gratitude looking at west shallow language in the door and says with brutish look.
Leaf the autumn in the mind is secretly shocked, in Hong Kong, unexpectedly and someone dare call with the person of west household in the door plank, also is really an unusual happening.Don't know this gratitude as well is what position, is regardless new four greatest householdses, is still old four greatest householdses, seem to be all to have no this surname.
However see this power, seem 2 people to before observe a festival very deeply.The leaf sees the western door to the autumn Senkaku Islands is toward the eastern steady, a that is full of confidence to the younger sister power, also stand on the crowd behind in spite of don't ask, wait for the progress of affair.
"The ratio compares, I also need not you call my grandmother, you are glad, would I not like to be also.You lost to need to kowtow apology, hereafter don't step into AIMA one step to become."West shallow language in the door icily says.Want to come, she is very and self-confident to own car skill.
West eastward mood silk in the door didn't be influenced by the matter that younger sister and others fight.It is on the contrary a face apology to looking at a leaf for autumn.Say:"-Know words like this.We should literally eat some things in the home first.Make everyone hungry belly now.At isn't the west household in the door to entertain guest of way."
Leaf point west door is shallow.Concern of ask a way:"Is the shallow language all right?"
West door to east the look in the eyes weirdly looking at leaf for autumn.Put to say:"Do not drive the outward appearance of this Ni son to bilk.Did you just don't hear the nickname that they call her?"
"Queen?"The autumn of the leaf smiled.Wish.Tang Guo of the front is suited for this nickname very much.Talking to work is proud similar to queen.Never accept defeat to anyone.Even if met an oneself beloved man to carelessly fall to into a feeling net.Still is working harder of struggle.Would not like to lead off to surrender."Yes.She.Came out quite a few year.Return no one from ability her body up once had cheapness.If not that is previous she humiliates gratitude too malicious.Also can't so thick-skinned of consume to do a rightness with shallow language.It is all turn of the person in the son.Still want some faces.Be like he is like this disgraced to have no skin of performance.Hardly see."West the door stand toward the east at'the left side of the autumn.Smallly to his explanation way.
The west absolute being with eastward door Piao gratitude.Ask a way:"Childe's elder brother of the harbor and the childe elder brother ratio of the Yan city wasn't little some precipitate?"
"Compare but`.Inside of the law more easily let childe's the elder brothers heart living to float Zao to the invalid direct of Qian Quan's stratum.Is homicidal to set fire need not.Who would not like to look for next stimulate?Can rush and swerve about madly of fierce run the red light.Who take pleasure in waiting in the zebra crossing again?
The look in the eyes of leaf autumn changes of icy cold come voice deep and low full of magnetism of say:"The policy changes policies too frequently and the next generation the billionaire grow of the original sin also make them sink into finally hysterical madness to collect wealth and spend lavishly status.

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