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Rich man.And then also needs enough intelligence.But be like protect own kid general.Need to nurse with milk to put on more clothes.Occasionally still need to wash to wash a diaper.Thus then the kid can strengthen growth.The beard is smooth to arrange in order China billionaire the placard are 49 for 10 years to fall a horse to"have an accident" up the billionaire of placard.The proportion reaches 14% of total number.Can this not also explain a problem?"
The west door surprisedly looking at leaf toward the east for autumn.Just simple of contrast problem.But have never thought the so careful Rui that he will answer.
The west door has a research very much to the economics to the east.The weird phenomenon of rightness also has very deep understanding.But China the person has a characteristics.Be"way.Say not of".But have never thought a leaf can be so open for autumn of problem**nakedly expose in own in front.
"Speak of so.The harbor produces childe's elder brother to pour to ascend of set noodles?"The door of the west choose the easier way toward the east of say.These problem leaf the autumn can say.He can not say.
"Who can grow prosperous not Shuai?Have again how many to can once enrich 3?"The autumn of the leaf squinted Jing to smile."However the circumstance like this is changing.Old headmans of Yan city still have already wished and done some affairs.Those a hearts become rich turbulent but real Qian of probably hard Li rains and winds of bottom heart to work the household of industry.Their posterities are all very and excellent.Also can't;You get empty diagram with department too many."
"The leaf was little to encourage.I don't calculate male elder brother in Hong Kong's representative's person.The atmosphere soul that those childe's the elder brothers a hundred years that also have no a way and Yan city sink to certainly come out compares."West|put to say to the east.
"Condescension."The autumn of the leaf woulds not like to entwine on this problem again, either.By hand point at a gratitude to ask a way:"He is what position'be then been negative by the shallow language over but can climb heel west household in the door call knothole person.Have no in Hong Kong how many?"
"Xie Jia in Hong Kong."West the door say to the east low voice.Be like fear own discussion will drive other people to listen to to similar.
"Return be really solution the joss-stick have thus No.1 thing."The autumn of the leaf frankly says."The leaf is little don't know also and belong to as usual."West door the east see anterior several people still sword at the lips gun.Company Chu ran over to help the west shallow language in the door to talk.Be unexpectedly scolded by the gratitude of|the red ear is red.Even can not say it the words of sentence integrity.Smiling of light tone.
"Thank family members to get empty the branch of household to also belong to the most important an at the department.Gratitude with of is a father surname his mother is also a department to get empty.Xie Jia's industry isn't in Hong Kong.But in Malaysia.The father of gratitude thanks east wise was the rubber of in the world big king to monopolize 52% of rubber industries in Malaysia.Xie Jia's group is underneath to have four large listed companies.Xie Jia occupies an of controling absolutely.These year the original material be all rising in price.Depend the house of agriculture and plant house to greatly get rich by chance.Stock price a rise to rise again.Be rated as an absolute being vestige.There is bottom in the house like this.Again have a department empty household on the side.The gratitude is a person a little more insolent also not is manage in of matter."
The brains of leaf autumn is clear.No wonder that don't know Xie Jia in Hong Kong why thing.If if and Xie Jia's contact in Malaysia get up.Make people understand them to relate to.But have never thought Malaysia one household Xie Jia is unexpectedly the collateral branch that takes charge of to get empty household.Return is really an astonish news.
Let the leaf feel that homework that he or she is at ordinary times really was too little for autumn.It is still much notter enough to background understand of these key persons.See.Want to give an account that the information that the nether person notices to collect this aspect measured.
West shallow language in a great rage in the door comes over here.To west the door say to the east:"Elder brother.You accompany them to have a meal here.I go to heel that bastard's car.The half comes back after the hour."
The west door shook to shake head to the east.Say:"I or go together with you
Once turned round again to looking at a leaf for autumn.Ask a way:"You and does Ms. Chen, Ms. Lin, , Ms. Tang, eat some things here first?We are very quick and then come over to remit to match with you."

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