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The persons who see a front all with go out a wood'son and Tang Guo also full face excitement of the young mans bringing with gratitude fight mouth battle.The autumn of the leaf not from of the wry smile write to shake head.These two female kids.It all be becoming a woman.Or so easily excite.Meeting an uneven matter to hate don't take knife and others to chop down.
The autumn of the leaf also took car heel the behind in the car brigade run about of the road is more and more strange.Don't know as well they usually Mao car of of square is what of square.
The sky is more and more black.The week doesn't have one silk light.Only Qi the outline of the steep mountain way and mountain peak faintness in the distance.A flock of young young man young girl drives gorgeous and dazzling sports car to bum in the night view.Someone loudly screams.Someone arrives the stereo set once refitting in car biggest.Is ruthlessly oppressive be full of metal of dying the breathing happy torment everybody's ear.
Chen Mo Nong although the feeling is even.But whenever hear someone tore heart crack lung of shout.Eyebrows meeting often wrinkle up.She disgusts pole this kind of sense of vision violence.
Finally.Front|arrive a bunch of tie strong light and car of the voice of motor.Obviously there under way wear the car game of a vehemence.
The car brigade is in an expanse of ex- stopped down.The autumn of the leaf also slowly decelerates.Droved into car from the entrance."Here yes well-known powder Ling deer neck.Every time round the days can see several set Ferrari Lin Bao Jian Ni Porche etc. supercar.Even some master sports cars and greatly the row measure the motorcycle will also arrive this to join in the fun.Powder Ling's hasing become the organization of billionaire car owner"insolate a horse""Sunday"(SundayMorningDrive) is a little bit hot.Quite a few year ago to lead once.The sting that not too likes this kind of to take that the life changes feels enjoy.So hardly come.It is a shallow language to pour is the frequent caller here."West the door stand toward the east at the leaf autumn after death.Help him and Chen Nong explain in detail.
The west door knows who his/her own the advertent important person thing is to the east.So his view then has been putting an autumn body at the leaf as long as is he thinks that the leaf doesn't understand for autumn of will immediately come forward an explanation.This elaboration strength sons all let the leaf for autumn touched.
What gratitude opens is the head that a silvery cloth pulls the dragon of Di Wei, this car is like a stealthy rat.The carriage but again is a cake of to clap flat of bread.The whole car gives people the felling of the very tightly packed.The lines of flowing freely type gives whole increased many pleasant impressions.
In addition to 00 the concept car driving in the movie belong to this the most expensive.Be worth of USD 10,000.It adopts a W type 16 urns of motives to take four turbo machines.Very and more can attain 407 kilometers of terror a small.Even all exceed to move a car set.
The leaf sees him to the autumn from that car in come out.'In don't already laugh behind one's back.This goods still really be like inside of of those panic simpleton that are rich to burn.Buys the most expensive.Doing not buy is quite the cheese.407 kilometer per hours.Even if being oneself can not necessarily give as well all of its speed advantages exertion comes out.His technique is afraid is even the halfs are all difficult to rush out.
Want to know that the rich mostly afraid of death.But the person, who afraid of death, mostly can not play a sports car again.
He doesn't dare to play a life Mao car at least.
Yes.The car is to play a life.When the speed arrives extreme limit you will feel.That isn't the car to run.But is a person to in the sky fly.
The gratitude swagger walks west shallow language in front in the door.The idea of one face asks a way:"Queen adult.Have already got ready?Is you up.The small white face that still lets you after death up?"
Company Chu has been standing on the west shallow language in the door is after death.The one more is called by the gratitude stroke to do "small white face".Face again the Shua Be getting reder a while.Point at a gratitude to say:"You----Who do you say to is a small face?"
"Certainly is say you.You be not'ha ha.Company big childe.You are to want to make track for queen?I advise you and then don't take pain to annoy.See you this weak character.If I woman.Can't want your this kind of man, either."Gratitude Pie Pie|.Laugh at to say.

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