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Is public a.Empress then the uproar of laughter in the audience come.
The gratitude dark wears a face.Say:"Is very funny?So many people.Make a simpleton successful in career?Since come.That sees a true chapter on the car.Say.You this who appear?"
"I."West shallow language in the door acrosses an ex- one step.Loudly say.
"Good.It is enough generous."The smiling face on the gratitude face is getting more uncanny."West shallow language in the door.If my person won.You also want to be like three year agos so.Let me in public stir up two box on the ears."
|The shallow language picked to pick eyebrows.Ask a way:"Of person?Isn't your ratio?"
"Ha ha.Of course not BE.I still have self-knowledge.Where meeting is the opponent of queen adult?I invited a friend to run with you a he can't definitely let what you disappoint."Gratitude ha ha the cachinnation say.Heel at he after death of those men and women also all a looks of small ambition.Smile very is work harder.
Just while being public to talk.The autumn of the leaf they just came of road again beat come a tie a dazzling glow-in-the-dark.That only orders like surprised thunder lightning flash.Make quickly people|not the Xia answers.Have already give°ed the mountain way of that superfluous danger to finish running for short few minutes.To this of the front door drive to come over.
Till this time.The autumn of the leaf just sees clear this car
A Ferrari of solid black color 612 gratitudes hurriedly ran to pass by.Toward the car door opening to say:"Zhang Que .Have fun to kill this woman for me."
"I is responsible for a car."Man's cheeks in the car is emaciated.Eyes are as deep as a wolf.Stay to have much of an offensiveness of short inch of.The voice mildly says.
"Ha ha.Good.As long as won that woman."The gratitude roars with laughter of say.Seeing to him is to respect this car hand very much
The autumn of the leaf sees the man in the car.Unexpectedly he also got to Hong Kong.Words like this.West shallow language in the door is very likely to go to lose this game.
The autumn of the leaf has never seen a western shallow Mao car.But once experienced that man's speed.He is very not optimistic about to west shallow language in the door.
The autumn of the leaf walks over there.The empress that claps west shallow language in the door carries on the back.Say:"I come to run this game for you?"
West shallow language in the door'win a pleased.Unexpectedly the leaf autumn will stand out for he or she in this time.However.She still calms down of say:"It doesn't matter.Myself come.My speed is still quite good."
Car and drive dissimilarity.If only think to drive meeting the words of the Mao car that is gravely mistaken.She has never seen a leaf an autumn motorcycle racing indetermination a leaf an autumn meeting a car also.So the leaf autumn go up to take part in a game.It is very likely to will appear trouble.
"You aren't his opponent" leaf the autumn keep white's saying.Since know who her opponent is.The nature didn't make her go up from seek to humiliate of necessity.He just heard the Ke that the gratitude put forward at the time engraving a condition.If he won shallow language in the door of west to want be in public been two box on the ears by him.
A women are in public stired up two ears is what kind of humiliate?Much less Di of this household in the door of a woman still a west fastens.
"Are you how can anyone know?"West shallow language in the door stares big eyes.
"I once had a career with him."The autumn of the leaf says.
"You" west shallow spirit in the door throw up blood.This man returns be really self-confidence.Oneself runs to win.How know that the other people run not to win?"I is BE how are you."The leaf autumn is one face Tan, of say.And west the door get along with toward these two brother and sister of shallow language in the thing door long.Everyone is more quite good friend.And the personal characters of their both the brother and sister are all very good.Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er are also talk very much with west shallow language in the door of come.Oneself should also stand out to do some son for her what matter
"Shallow language elder sister.You make the leaf compare for autumn.He the Mao car is fierce.Or car king."Lin Bao Er pulls the arm of west shallow language in the door.Say.
"The king of the car?"West shallow language in the door puzzles of ask a way.
"Yes.Tang Tang's elder sister is a car behind.They disliked too much.Clearly say to take me to go to.But jump the gun to go out.Otherwise I am a car behind."The full face of Lin Bao Er discommodes of say.
"Lin Bao Er and then is talking nonsense.Carefully I tore lousy your mouth."Tang Guo runs to come over to pull Lin Bao Er's ear to say.

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