Just finish saying, belly the ground of Gu Gu called

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Hong Kong has already so had many people, where still have own time and crevice?
Is needed the this place stays and waits, be he thought of he to come over and see while coming back, that was waited for by oneself of happiness.
Is this a love?
BE belong to blue can the love of heart."I like to wait you here."Being blue can the heart once turned a face.
One looking at a leaf for autumn.
The autumn of the leaf is in his forehead lightly on kissing, ask a way:"Is not feeling hungry hungry?Want to eat in the evening what?""Is not hungry."The blue ear heart says.
Just finish saying, belly the ground of Gu Gu called.
The noon ate a little and disputed suspicion with others in the afternoon and just did sport of high strength again, the belly still was really a bit hungry.
Being blue can the heart awkward and shily cover up head into quilt, don't dare to see a leaf for autumn of eyes.
Outside ring out a leaf indeed as expected the laughter of cajolery is for autumn.
The autumn of the leaf stretches hand to clap blue can the heart carelessly peep out of Qiao hip, say:"Get up.We have a meal."The satisfied Ai thinks Yin desire.
Descending the cow has already several times once foughted, so leaf autumn and blue can heart at have a meal also need not immediately hasty wear rush through to return to."Leave.Take you to go to a divertive place."The autumn of the leaf says."Go where?""Went to and then know f " leaf the autumn sold a crisis.
The car of leaf autumn turned curved, then walk to suburban area in the Yan city.
Stand on whole transparent steels to turn vitreous mansion doorway, blue can the heart raise head to looking at for a sky, Anne the placard of the club neon flicker say to the leaf autumn:"I know here.""Do you come to lead?""Have no.I listen to the person once speaking of here.And, there is still student in the school here up make."Being blue can the heart say.
Anne club in the sky is in the Yan city can be treated as widely known existence, she even if has never come, from the other people's circumstance that the inside will also know some this places."Go in and see."The autumn of the leaf says.
Or the greater half year ago fee soar to take oneself to do piece sovereign year card, member's fee handed over ten several ten thousand, this half year come but have never had fun any further.
2 people just walked into hall, then pregnant wore white hot trousers and short sleeve T of the beautiful female kid of Xu faces to come up."What the Sir, the young lady, has to help you?"The female kid sweetly smiles, a face respectully says., Want a tennis court."The autumn of the leaf talks of time pass own sovereign member's card."Okay.Please two to be located on retiring room to slightly wait.I this is that you arrange."Female kid finishes saying, then and in a hurry but go to" leaves.Change body clothes."The autumn of the leaf says.
Take blue can the heart walk to the independent rest that belongs to sovereign member's card.
Suddenly, alertness of leaf autumn's making him feeling a pair of eyes is looking at their hes title, then saw just just come over here toward the this place in front of Yan pleasant breeze.
Many eyes disappear, the Yan pleasant breeze still keeps being the image of a lightly moving good childe.
The western dress that wears valuable in proper form, smiling face warm gentleness, the bearing is well-mannered.
It really is a man who easily makes the woman infatuate.
He is getting a to help the son the person to come over, everyone's dress packs orderliness and sees to them having already coming over, being just preparing to go out now.
2 people's view in the sky collides, the electric current spreads densely in the air.
Someone knows a leaf for autumn, as if deep in thought the ground see a leaf for autumn, and then see nearby of Yan pleasant breeze.
Those incognizant leaf autumn of, also know 2 people affirmative have what observe a festival.

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