Is politics to rise

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There are numerous people being staring at this position.
If the Yan house drive leaf autumn ruthlessly Tong one knife, love power and influence again, a bit unpopular.
Is politics to rise?
Be know into back."How do you like me?"The autumn of the leaf dauts blue can the jet black and long hair of heart, the drama lets the ground ask a way.
A mean person enjoys success of overbearing looks.
This once was the father's position, but now, oneself has to personally take back.
If the old headman knows, will definitely very happy?
He, finally can above board time Yan city.

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person chapter 633 martyr regression
"How, walk?"The leaf autumn asks a way while wiping a shoulder but leading.
"Still occupy?"The Yan pleasant breeze stopped a step, but didn't turn head.
"Want a dozen of field friendly games?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to ask a way.
"Friendly game?"The Yan pleasant breeze voice becomes Yin cold, this guy the such Duo Duo is pressing, really think that oneself feared him.
The thing that is recklessly and blindly do waits.
"Yes, friendly game.The special kind soldier compared a martial big match to lose it to hand over arm last time, very sorry in the heart.All say you is in the soldier first superior.I to this admire already a long time.Certainly, if you today just ill of words, we next time again the opportunity to seek is all right."Rub in leaf's autumn hand blue can a hair of heart, smilingly ask a way.
Early want to challenge Yan pleasant breeze, but hasn't been finding out a suitable opportunity.Yan that old headman in house intentionally pretended illness to avoid a greater half responsibility this time, let leaf the in the mind have been having a Yu spirit to have no way excretion for autumn.
So, if can beat the grandson of Yan old headman suddenly and violently.It is also 1 kind to quite goodly give vent to anger a way.
Say again, some days ago suddenly Wu four heavy strength, let leaf for autumn the in the mind self-confident heart soared.Even if have never led a hand with this guyed, don't know his depth, the leaf autumn in the mind is to the slightest don't fear to.
The crary war idea surges forward at heart, the whole bloods of bodies all burn to seethe.
Or don't fight?
The in the mind of the Yan pleasant breeze very difficult choice.
The circumstance of Yan house tells him now, must be low-key, not the ability is causing trouble to living.
But the leaf autumn force and make him really want to promise down to the desire of combat now.His in the mind also needs to release a fury.
"Is sorry, I want to rush through time, next time."The Yan pleasant breeze says with a smile.Probably the surface is still as well-mannered as past, the voice was still one Hong to is bright before, but he felt to what things be passing.
1.1:00 of, hurtle oneself's body in draw out.
"The Yan is little, you how?"
"Eldest brother, this boy challenges us and he is polite what."
"The Yan is little, don't I seek a good hand for you?"
The answer of Yan pleasant breeze lets these escort at him after death of childe's the elder brotherses are very surprised, more is a profound discomfort.
Before, they felt Yan pleasant breeze asylum, feel regardless what persons all need not had scruples about.
But now----He is unexpectedly frightened.
Brush-off, be not succeed in escaping of had better lend?
Female afraid marry wrong Lang, male afraid stand wrong brigade.

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