These two greatest gangs fight for several years, and don't talk.The day of this Chuang's pouring is to lead safely

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"H'm."Teng any always nods, " iron mountain helped to walk today, however everyone is to must step up training, and, also want to strengthen an alert."
"H'm, green mountain, your best daytime doesn't enter to greatly postpone a mountain bitterness to do.Want a bitterness to do, the time in morning go, had better 12 hours come back.Or go evening time."Teng cloud dragon also says, the Teng green mountain also nods:"Know, grandfather."
The Teng green mountain knows that robber's bandit wants to arrive to Chuang in the Teng house, most at least two hours.
And, robber's the banditses want to be black ex- on sky to rush through to return to old nest.Because this is at ancient, don't give or get an electric shock, once the sky is black to come down, that be the one utter darkness.Unless that night moon very circle, otherwise several hundred ascend thousand person's horses, go forward in the dark night, that is to really live to suffer mental agony.
So, Teng cloud dragon would so say.After all the Teng green mountain is a clan inside first superior.
Today if isn't a Teng green mountain, estimate that Chuang in the Teng house will be squeezed one to is 100002 silvers.
Time silently has no passage of interest, the whole such as Teng cloud dragon anticipates of so, the proper city is inshore to have white Ma Bang, iron mountain help these two greatest gangs, is not likely to fall calm.A time crosses swords, a time kills, white the horse help all very big with the loss that iron mountain help.
The white Ma Bang's hand is numerous, and owns a great deal of money storage.
Can iron mountain help of 3 take charge of, the none isn't a severe superior.
Greatly take charge of'Wang Tie Shan', a handle opens mountain knife bottom, don't know how much superior Yun life.
Two take charge of'Wang Tie Feng', two handle red copper ball, all someone says that this red copper ball is what blood dyes red.
Three take charge of'Wang Tie Hai', one pole Jing iron long gun, more declare the proper city is inshore one marksmanship superior.
These three brotherses know perfectly well white four Ye prestiges of Ma Bang Hong, dare the still just proper city signed gang, there are no several segment of breaking ups, how dare to do?Specially they still from invited everywhere some inside strength Wu Zhe.Although these inside strength Wu Zhe, real strenght general sort, can deal with Ma Ze's bandit, that is very severe.
Iron mountain helps to come in blustering and menacing manner, malicious hot very.
But does the white horse help?
The Hong is four Yes, already the year leads 70, though peak the day after tomorrow, can after all don't step into inborn, this body function descends naturally, boxing afraid young and able-bodied.Hong four Yes also have confidence to one of last Wang Jia San's brotherseses.Can to ascend three, don't go.
White Ma Bang although 3 take charge of, can moreover 2 take charge of and talk about real strenght, compare Hong four Yes differed a big piece.Although is also inside strength superior, and fierce Wang Jia San's brotherseses of the Zhuo Zhao compare, return the summary differ one silk.
However the camel of thin dead is than Ma Da Dun.The white horse helps 8,000 good brave fellows, is jocose?
And, this Hong four Yes are old come son, that is little to take charge of, the year leads 30 at present, time is exactly a body to strengthen most , more declare Ma Bang's second highest hand of white, be second only to Hong four Yes.
These two greatest gangs fight for several years, and don't talk.The day of this Chuang's pouring is to lead safely.
Turn an eye, would be for more than a yearses in the past, year of distance fiesta left for few days.
Teng green mountain home.
" Elder sister Lan, green mountain in your house still has several days, 16 become adult.Can also seek a daughter-in-law."A women smile to pull the hand of mother Yuan orchid, " I old house of niece small Yuan, that can be treated as a flower of our big Li Zhuang.This year 15, also become adult soon, with green mountain in your house, that is made by nature rightness."
Man 16 become adult, woman 14 become adult, the general man became adult, can seek a daughter-in-law.
"The small Yuan is that kid, I have never seen and behave how?"Yuan orchid some ideas move.
"That still uses to say.You look for person to find out pry, small Yuan that is absolutely a good kid who knows one's places, affirmation in the future show filial obedience husband's parents, and home what affair can't do?"This women connect to say.

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