It is all all, have some the head of hoping

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Hope that the Hong is to believe in a lord among them'various Ge dollar Hong'of two teacher uncle, the status of a generation is the highest, serve as unification to get position for few decade.
And huge mountain, then'various Ge dollar Hong'of younger brother Shi, serve as generally and get position also all for ten few years.
As for the third gets generally'Zang Feng'get generally with the fourth'close green', all of that is various Ge dollar in person spreading of the Hong pupil.
Get position generally, seldom arrive!
It is all all, have some the head of hoping.
"The new appointees of your camp all all, this believes in a lord to appoint in person, I inform."Hope a Hong apathetic way, Teng green mountain 5 people all inwardly expect and believe in a lord'various Ge dollar Hong'in person ordination?Appoint who?
"Since today, I black A the soldier first get, third camp of all all, is ……"
Hope Hong vision on sweeping 5 people, Hong track, "Teng green mountain!"
Teng green mountain eyes a bright!Other four publics in is all one Zhan, all some helpless and unwilling, however the morrow then releases however.According to returning the rules that a dollar religion promotes a person, general under the equal ability, will promote young man, see the third get generally'Zang Feng'and the fourth get generally'close green'then know.
After all young man, the potential is larger.
The Teng green mountain is again similar to them, go into to believe in to investigate the incoming, plus this a few months, everyone of also quite good, the real strenght of the Teng green mountain needs not more to doubt, everyone also all releases to be pregnant.
"Teng green mountain."Hope the Hong sees toward the Teng green mountain.
"Adult."The Teng green mountain Gong body.
"Since today, you are new appointees all all!"Hope the Hong eyes see a Teng green mountain, " this is to believe in a lord ordination in person, although I don't understand to believe in a lord why appoint your[one] boy that just entered black A soldier for not enough half year, serve as all governed this heavy, , believed in a lord the life, my nature can't defy!And check a purple gold to steal robbery case, you make it also not bad, I still calculate satisfied ……you are in my troops hereafter, don't make me disappoint.If do badly, I as usual withdrew you!"
"The green mountain bears in mind."The Teng green mountain Gong body.
Hope Hong of cold fierce, is a black A soldier famous of, connect the third to get generally, the fourth get generally, be all hoped that the Hong Xun once scolds, much less he Teng green mountain?
"H'm."Hope the Hong point nods, " all fights horse, heavy first grade generally and wait you to return to believe in inside, all when the time comes give you!Like, you continue to garrison here and treat in Marchary period expires, return to again.I will take white right away Qi, first the one step returns to river rather county city, you need not make a big production of, either to send me."
Press the truth, send to get generally, those are all the whole a the camp person's horses to get in file to send respectfullly.
However this time, also Teng green mountain their 5 people lead minority of black A soldier non-commissioned officers, have been sending to a foot of a hill bottom and follow with eyes to hope that the Hong gets generally and leads more than ten elites and white Qi and far keeps off.
Teng green mountain their several people, the Yao sees those ten several dusts that ride to disappear to say with detail a head at the officer, raise one.
"Although that white Qi is disabled, can still have inside strength fight a horse to like this rush in the body, otherwise, how does he sit!"Ten thousand any Xiangs say with smile.
White Qi a leg broke for the sake of making him able to can be rushed speed and directly let white Qi body fixedly right away, white the Qi somehow is a peak a the day after tomorrow superior, or can sit a steady war horse.
"Like, everyone climbs mountain."The Teng green mountain says.
"We have never congratulated a green mountain on be all generally."The farmland list says, words sound a fall-
"Belong to bottom, pay a courtesy call on all adult generally!"Liu and suddenly to the Teng green mountain Gong body way.

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